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Our Process

CPA Advised Tax-Smart Financial Management

Life is filled with many stages and major events, both expected and unpredictable. We believe that creating a well-defined financial plan around those investment goals important to you will allow you to enjoy the journey, no matter what comes your way. That is why we incorporate a five-step process to help you discover your long-term investment goals and keep you on track to work towards them.

  1. Introduction – Understanding each other and how we work together. Are our services in line with your goals?

  2. Discovery – Understanding your individual financial goals and dreams for the future. What are your worries and what-ifs?

  3. Plan Design – Developing strategies and recommendations from your input to pursue your goals. Will an individual plan with tax efficient strategies help you succeed?

  4. Implementation – Putting into place your selection strategies and recommendations – Are you comfortable and confident with all aspects of your plan?

  5. Review/Monitoring – Helping you and your plan stay on track – Are we going in the right direction and are there changes we need to incorporate into you plan?

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